Make a profit from your underused Infrastructure 

"I worked for an internet start-up last year and during the 'we have plenty of money' phase, a lot of server hardware was purchased. Eight months later, there is very little money, but we're still plugging along — using only a fraction of the hardware. So I've been brainstorming ways to put all of that power to good use. Any ideas?"

Found this question on the web. It also might be yours if you own multiple unused or underused infrastructures, didn't have a correct estimate of the workload at the start of the business, bought a lot of servers and infrastructures before, or even don't need to deploy all your infrastructures in a period of a year.


What is the solution? It is straightforward. Earn and profit from your infrastructure. 

Cloage has a solution for you. Here at Cloage, we help small and medium-sized businesses and enterprise companies simplify cloud deployment and management without requiring dedicated DevOps and SRE teams. You as a company or infrastructure owner are able to manage your workload and profit from your unused or underused servers and infrastructure by streamlining your deployment process using CloageStack. 

What are our advantages over competitors?

Integrated platform 

Cloage provides an Integrated platform that makes it easy to manage, monitor, and provide unused infrastructure.

All-in-one management tools

Cloage provides all-in-one management tools such as the ERP and CRM which helps you run your business consistently with the lowest budget. 

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