Cloage WordPress DRM Tool: All you need to know

wordpress drm tool

One of the biggest challenges content creators face when they are offering digital product sales is their DRM (Digital Rights Management). Whether you’re offering your course on eCommerce or a bodybuilding tutorial, you will always face the challenge of your content getting stolen and being republished thus losing an income stream easily.

This issue is wide;y problematic when you run a website on WordPress and don’t want to get into the technical side of developing a product or paying large sums of money to addon services of AWS which sometimes surpass the money you’ll be making while selling your product.

Why you need a WordPress DRM tool?

if your content is the most valuable asset of your business, you will always have to monitor your content not being stolen by third parties, the contents include:

  • Valuable documents (Microsoft Excel, PDF, etc.)
  • Videos (Tutorials, Courses, Training, Sale Videos, etc.)
  • Media (Pictures, Slideshows, etc.)
  • And any other digital product

Chances are, you’ve spent a huge chunk of your time generating your content and it’s intended as a one-time purchase or recurring subscription to be bought.

Now, here comes the challenge, after a while you may see that your content has been published and pirated by some users and is circulating on the web and it can be used, downloaded and republished easily by others.

If you’re running on WordPress, this is a challenge many users are facing, and that’s why you need a tool like Cloage’s WordPress Tool for DRM.

How does Cloage’s DRM tool protect your content and your business?

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    Watch this video for a quick tour of our DRM tool:

    in order to protect your content’s authenticity, you need a DRM Tool like Cloage. Here’s how you can get started:

    1- Sign up for a free 30-day trial plan of Cloage

    2- Crete your first partition on the dashboard or through our CLI

    3- Install Cloage’s WordPress plugin and set it up this way:

    3-1- Install the plugin from WordPress Repository by searching “cloage” or by going to this link directly, download it and upload it in your Worpdress plugin section
    3-2 Connect your partition in Cloage to your WordPress website with an access key you can gain from here.

    4- Go to Cloage’s dashboard, Setup your DRM tool and you’re good to go!

    Note: The DRM tool is included in the 30-day free trial and yes, there’s no credit card required.