Cloage S3 Partitions, the best choice

  • Compatible with Amazon S3 protocol
  • Store and share without content limitation
  • Designed for web developers
  • Store in 3 different versions for insurance of file durability
  • Reliable for online businesses
Create S3 Partition
Could storage that compensate delays

Partitions who worth to try

Video/Audio Encoding

Easy usage with web panel and minio client and use S3 ecosystem with all tools, plugins and libraries

File Compression

Total less pricve and 70 percent save . pay as you go

Image Manipulation

Object storage and save different versions of your files gives you best performance

Programming language doesn't matter

Cloage S3 partitions is compatible with all environments

Languages description

S3 usages

How is it partition storage in Cloage

Digital assets
Digital assets

Digital assets description

Backup logs & files
Backup & Logs

Backup logs & files description

Big data and large database
Big data and large database

Big data and large database description

Why choose S3?

Accessibility amd simplicity of using

  • Upload and Import
    Upload & Import
    Upload and Import description.
  • Convert & Encoding
    Convert & Encode
    Convert & Encoding description.
  • Export & Save
    Export & Save
    Export & Save description.
  • Display & Enjoy
    Display & Enjoy
    Display & Enjoy description.

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