S3-Compatible Storage For Everyone

  • Flat and Usage Based packages
  • 50% Cheaper than Amazon S3 Cloud Storage
  • Store and share without limit any content
  • Designed for web developers, software engineers and business owners
  • Stored in 3 different replicas as insurance for file durability
  • Reliable for any online businesses, eCommerce,SaaS
  • 30 Day free trial
Create your first S3 Partition
No Credit Card Required

Cloud storage that compensate delays and works to perfection

It’s Reliable

Stored in 3 different Replicas for insurance of file durability

It’s Affordable

S3 Storage starts at 0.01/GB Storage and 0.005/GB for Bandwidth

It’s Simple

Cloage has a comprehensive easy-to-use dashboard and utilities

Cloage is Packed with Features

S3 Compatible API

Stored in 3 different replicas to insure your file’s access

Server-Side Encryption

Get a link to your data that can be accessed by anyone

File Manipulation

In-app File customizations for your Media files

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