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Learn more about our Pricing and the detailed costs of it. If you have more questions regarding the pricing, don’t hesitate to contact us

  • What is the cost impact of using Cloage to store very small files (less than 10 kilobytes in size)?

    There are no limits to the minimum size of files you can upload to your storage, unlike other services which often have a minimum billable object size of 128KB.  were a 128 KB file. Cloage’s minimum billable object size is 1 byte.

  • Will taxes be included in my monthly invoice?

    We’re required by law to applicable taxes in some countries. Please refer to this part of our FAQ for more details regarding our Tax and VAT details.

  • How do I remove my card from the account?

    Navigate to the Cloage dashboard, and go to the “Finance” section of the dashboard. From there you can edit your payment and billing info easily.

  • Can I have a refund?

    We do not offer refunds. In some cases you can contact us to see if you’re eligible.

  • Where do I find my invoices and payment receipts?

    You can see all your payment receipts and invoices in your dashboard. You will also receive the invoices in your email as well.

  • Is my credit card information secure?

    We use Stripe for processing your payments and all your payment information is safe and secure with us.

  • What happens if I cancel or downgrade my account?

    If you are using our pro partitions, you can cancel or delete your storage at any time and you won’t be charged for it on your billing cycle.

    If you want to delete your S3 partition, don’t forget to submit a ticket to our support team so they can delete it for you and you won’t be charged for your S3 partition anymore.

  • Who should I contact if I have billing-related questions about my account?

    You can contact us anytime regarding your billing and payment information via

  • Am I charged when I enter my credit card?

    No, based on the package you choose, you will be charged accordingly.
    If you choose a package, you will be charged at the end of the month and if you are using a pay-as-you-go package, Cloage will create a billing at the end of the month based on your usage.

  • When will my card be charged?

    Your card will be charged at the end of your billing cycle. If you have any issues or questions regarding the billing details, you can always contact us via

  • What does storage and bandwidth mean and how are they calculated?

    Storage refers to the amount of storage you use on your personal, professional or S3 partitions and the number of files you store in it. The basis for the calculation for the amount of storage used is the average amount of the partition used monthly.
    As an example, if you use 100 GB of the storage for 15 days of the month and remove the data for the remaining days, you will be charged for 50 GB of storage for that month.
    The detailed cost for storage is 0.01 per GB/mo and is charged at the end of the month based on the average storage you’ve used in that period.
    Bandwidth is referred to the size of the files that have been downloaded or transferred outbound of the Cloage cloud infrastructure (Any URL including the signed URLs, will be using your bandwidth) and cost 0.005 per GB/mo
    Note that when you upload a file to your Cloage cloud, it is completely free and it won’t count as your usage.

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