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Cloage Provides file upload, private or public sharing (with direct link) for all users. Save your website images, videos and audio files in the free Cloage file upload space instead of the original host and publish them on your website.

Read this guide to learn how to upload files from your system or remote upload from other servers. After uploading, you can publish your files on your website or social networks by creating a direct link.

After you register your account on Cloage, you will have 5 GBs of free permanent Cloud space that you can save your personal and important files for free or publish your files and videos on your website or social networks by creating a professional partition.

Cloage Web Panel Upload Tool is a standalone web application that has high performance for uploading and transferring files to Cloage cloud storage. This tool solves your need for a variety of software and the use of insecure protocols for transferring files. You can select a file or a batch of files or a folder to upload and rest assured that the upload process will resume even if your internet connection is interrupted or the upload is stopped.

You can also use the remote download link to download the file directly or use the command-line interface (CLI) tool to upload files.

Upload files and folders

To upload files or folders from your system to the cloud storage space, first go to the desired path, then click the “+ NewCloage New File button in the cloud and in the menu that opens, select the “Upload New File” option:

In the window that opens, you can drag and drop a file or a batch of files or a folder to the upload window with the mouse, or click on the “Browse Files” option and select your files in the file selection window of your system.

Cloage Upload Files

After selecting the file or files you want, you will be shown a preview of the files, and to start the upload process, just click the “Upload X FilesCloage Upload Mutiple Files button.

Cloage Uppy Integration

Note: Your upload list will be removed by reloading, refreshing the page or closing the browser. Do NOT refresh the page or close the browser until the upload process is complete. You can go to other sections of the site, but the browser should not be refreshed or closed.

Upload with remote download tool and direct link conversion

To upload a file with a direct download link from the web to the Cloage storage space: first, go to the desired path in Cloage, then click on the button to upload a new file in the Cloage cloud space, and in the menu that opens, select the “Remote Upload” option:

Cloage Remote Upload

In the window that opens, enter your direct link and click the “Upload” button.

Cloage Remote Upload Via Link

If you want to have more links in this remote upload request, you can click on ” + Cloage Plus Button to have more fields to add links, or to add links in batches, click on the Table Cloage Batch Link Upload sign and in the box that opens, Insert each link in a line:

Wait for the “Event CreatedCloage Event Creation message to appear at the bottom of the page.