Subdomain and Domain settings

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You can set your own domain on the Professional or the S3 partition to allow your direct download link to be published on your own domain.

Dedicated domain and subdomain configuration in Cloage is only possible on Professional and S3 Partitions.

To set up a subdomain on the Professional Partition, simply define a CNAME record with the value in the DNS admin area of ​​your main site hosting service panel.

To set a subdomain on the S3 partitions with a European location, simply define a CNAME record with the value in the DNS management section of your main site hosting control panel.

You will have to wait a while after setting the record. The usual wait time for your record to be set is a maximum of 5 hours.

Use this tool to make sure the CNAME record is set.

Then go to your Cloage dashboard, go to the Professional or S3 Partition tab, click on the Partition menu and select Settings.

In the settings section, enter the domain for which you set the record without any extensions or prefixes. Click the “Save Partition” button.

Domain settings for cloage

After setting the subdomain to the cloage partition, after a maximum of 10 minutes, the SSL license of the subdomain will be issued to you completely free and your direct links will be created with the HTTPS protocol.

If you do not know how to set a cname record depending on your control panel or DNS server, you should do one of the following:

Enter the CNAME record in Cpanel in the Edit DNS Zone section:

Enter the CNAME record in Direct Admin in the DNS Management section:

CNAME record in CloudFlare:

Enter your CNAME record if you are using the Cloudflare CDN (Content Distribution Network).

Cloage Cloudflare Options