Signing up and getting started

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To signup and create your first Cloage account, Sign up via this link:

Enter your email, username and your desired password to create your account.

*The minimum password length is 8 characters. 

Cloage Sign Up

The username you choose will be your username for future usage and will be your subdomain for sharing your data ( and your direct links will look like something like this:

After entering your dashboard and confirming your email, you can update your info and add your phone number in the settings part of your dashboard too.

If you have forgotten your password, click on the “Forgot Password” part on the login page.

Don’t forget to confirm your email too, as you will be required to have a registered email to experience all the product features.

You can also Sign Up with your google account as well using the “Sign Up With Google” as shown below:

Screenshot Needed here