Signed URLs

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How to create signed (timed) and secure links to your data

To share files on free partitions and personal partitions that do not have the ability to create direct download links, use the secure Link tool. This is also possible in professional and s3 partitions as well.

A timed link is a temporary download link that you specify a timespan when creating the link, which shows the time that it can be accessed by those who have the secure link to it. After the designated time, no one can access the file via that link. This feature is used in Cloage’s WordPress plugin to sell files in WooCommerce. When purchased by the user, a secret and timed link is automatically created for the user and the downloaded product is delivered to the customer.

The file does not need to be in public mode to create a signed URL. Files that are also in private status can have a temporary download link. Therefore, this is possible for free and personal partitions.

To create a Singed URL in the dashboard, just right-click on the file in the list of files and select the option to create a Signed URL.

Cloage Signed URL

In the window that opens, specify when the Signed URL is active. The maximum amount of time that a signed URL can be accessed is 6 Days and 59 minutes

Signed URL active time

After setting the time, click on the confirmation button to create a signed download UIRL for the file you want and save it to your system clipboard.

Cloage secure link generated

To use the signed URL via the API, you have the option on the S3 Compatible partition. Read the S3 partition documentation from here: