Sharing Files and Folders

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  • You can share your files or folders with other users or even send them to people who are not members of Cloage.
  • Using this method, a copy of the file or folder you have in your Cloage partition will be created for those who received your link will immediately.
  • In the list of files, right-click on the file or folder you want and select the Share option.
Cloage share folder
  • The link creation window will open for you to click on the copy button to copy the link to your system clipboard.
Cloage Public share folders
  • After copying the sharing link, with a right mouse click and a simple paste command, the link can be copied anywhere.
  • You can send this link to others on your social media channels, email, etc.
  • Clicking on this link opens the download description page so that your contact knows what information you have sent to them.
Cloage share folder with others
  • If your contact is not logged in to their Cloage account or does not have a Cloage account, they can use the “Register” option to create a cloud space in Cloage and click on the “Save in Partitions” button to in order to go to the registration page. After registering in Cloage, your contact enters the dashboard and sees the following message in the Cloage dashboard.
save to object cloud storage
  • After entering the free or professional partition, you should see the list of storage partitions in Cloage and select a partition for the storage destination.
cloage storage selection
  • Then select the folder (if it has already created a folder) and click the “Select this folder” button to get your file in the desired path.
  • In this process, a copy of the file or folder that you sent to your contact is instantly created in the partition that it specifies.
  • If the size of the file or folder sent to your contact is more than the free partition size of the user, they should upgrade to bigger partition sizes available (Professional and S3).