Public and Private URLs

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Note: Only files on the “professional partition” and the “S3 partition” can be public and can have a permanent direct download link which you can use to share them on your web pages, apps, etc.

To create a direct download link for your files, simply enter your professional partition, right-click on the file you want and click the “Public” option:

Cloage Public URLs

When you make a file public, this sign Cloage Public URL icon appears in front of it. Click Cloage Public URL Copy icon to display Cloage Saved Public URL icon and save the direct file link to your clipboard.

Note 1: To return your file to private mode and disable the direct download link, you can right-click on the file again and select “Make Private”.

Cloage Make Private

Note 2: If you activate the option “Upload files publicly” in your profile, Each file you upload will be in public status.


Note 3: The “Make Public” option for files or the direct link is only accessible for Professional Partition files, and personal and free partition files will not have this option, and they can only send their files to others with a secret link or download it themselves. Also in the S3 Partitions, you can public the files of a bucket by defining a policy.

Note 4: The direct link to the public file in the professional partition on the Cloage subdomain will be something like this: and in order for a direct link to be published on your own subdomain, you must use the ability to set a personal domain on a professional partition.

Note 5: There are other ways to share files, such as hidden and timed download links and sharing between Cloage users, all of which are described in the guide.