Professional Partitions

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To create a Professional Partition, go to the Cloage website by clicking the Login option. And if you do not have an account, click on Register to Signup in cloage. After registering, you will enter the cloage dashboard.

Each user can create an unlimited number of professional partitions.

Only one dedicated domain can be set on a professional partition.

After logging in to the cloage dashboard, you must create a Professional Partition to use professional services such as connecting your WordPress website to cloage.

Click the Buy More Space Cloage Buy More Space to create a professional partition on the dashboard home screen.

Choose the Professional Partition and go to the next step:

Cloage Professional Partiton

Next, choose a name for your professional partition. Partition name must be in English Letters and one word only (Without any marks such as “_”). Select a geographical location. After payment, your professional partition will be created:

Cloage professional storage settings

Payment for Professional Partitions is “Pay as you go”. For a Professional Partition, you should add your payment info to start using the services.

The cost of using the Professional Partitioning service will be calculated automatically at the end of one month and will be billed to your billing address. One Euro will be added to the monthly bill for the cost of building a professional partition.

You can use this calculator to estimate the cost you will pay for your professional partition at the end of a month.

After starting a professional partition, you can set your own domain on the dashboard, or use the subdomain created for you by cloage.

From now on, you can connect your cloage Professional partition to your WordPress site, Or use REST API and CLI services. Use the cloage Professional partitions to save your application or website files or create direct link files.