Moving Files and Folders

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  • To move files and folders, you can right-click on the file or folder to see the Copy Cloage Copy Function and Cut cloage cut function options.
  • Also, after selecting multiple files or folders, the options to copy and cut and delete are displayed at the top of the file list.
Cloage multiple cuts and copies
  • The copy tool is used to move files and folders whose original copy you want to remain in the source partition and place a copied version in the destination. The copy function is exactly the same as the copy feature used in most Operating systems.
  • The cut tool for files and folders is for when you want to delete from the source and copy it in the destination.
  • When you select the file or folder you want and click the Copy or Cut option, the command you want is stored in the clipboard. After selecting the file to copy or cut by clicking on the copy and cut symbols at the top of the file list, the clipboard symbol will appear at the top of the list:
Cloage clipboard
  • Clicking on the clipboard option in the main menu of the dashboard (on the left) will display the files and folders on the clipboard along with the operations you have selected for them.
  • Requests stored on the clipboard can be a combination of copy and cut. You can remove it from the list by ticking each item, or use the “Clear clipboard” button to clear the options on the clipboard.
  • After selecting all the items, go to the desired folder and paste the files and folders in the clipboard list in the destination using the clipboard option at the top of the file list.