Deleting Files and Folders

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To delete a file or folder in the list of files, right-click on the file or folder and select “Delete”.

Cloage delete files

To delete a group of files, you can click on the files, or select the checkbox next to the files and folders, or hold down the ctrl key and select the files with the mouse, or click “ctrl + A” to select all the files in the list, and Then click the Delete Cloage Delete Icon option at the top of the file list.

Using the delete option, the files will NOT be deleted at all and will be transferred to the trash of your Cloage account.

In the main menu on the left, click on the Trash option to go to the Trash. View a list of all the files and folders you have deleted.

Cloage Trash

In the Trash section, right-click on the file to select the Delete Forever option, delete your file forever, or use the Restore option to restore the file to your list of files.

Cloage Restore

By selecting files and using the Delete Forever or Restore button as a group, delete the files forever or restore them to your source partition.

Tip 1: Once the files and folders are in the “Trash” section, their volume will be calculated in the total size of your partition.

Tip 2: Once your Trash items are removed, your files will be permanently removed from the Cloage cloud infrastructure and can no longer be restored.