Cloage WordPress Plugin

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The Cloage WordPress plugin allows you to upload your WordPress media files to the Professional Partition of the backup storage service. You do not need to pay heavy costs for high volume and bandwidth hosting service, Because cloage cloud services will be cheaper, more secure and faster than any other file hosting.

Cloage plugins, media files, WooCommerce and duplicator backups

With the Cloage WordPress plugin, you can “upload to cloage” from the WordPress admin section of your WordPress admin section and from the main menu of the WordPress section. Upload and then place the file you want to be hosted in your Cloage partition when creating posts, tabs and products using the “Add Media” File button.

Transfer files that you previously uploaded to the WordPress library section to your professional partition with cloage. To do this, simply change the display mode of the WordPress library to “list mode” to see the cloage upload button in front of each file in the group operations section.

Cloage WordPress plugin also allows you to take full advantage of the WooCommerce file sales feature. If selling your file and downloadable products is your niche, the Cloage WordPress plugin and WooCommerce plugin will 100% guarantee your business operations.

Finally, you can transfer the backups that you have made in the “Duplicator” plugin to the cloage cloud with one click.

Secret and Signed URLs

With the Cloage WordPress plugin, you can upload files to your cloud service and hosting at the same time, or just to the Cloage cloud service. It is also possible to create hidden download links by WooCommerce using the Cloage WordPress plugin. In the plugin settings section, you can specify when the signed URL is active in seconds.

It is possible to create a backup file of your WordPress data including all WordPress files, themes, uploads and plugins directories separately. The backup file is created on your hosting and then uploaded to the cloage cloud in your Professional Partition.

Benefits of cloage WordPress plugin

  • Ability to define your own subdomain on the cloage storage service partition (subdomain setup guide on the cloage partition)
  • Ability to store video files and images of posts in cloage, which prevents the consumption of expensive bandwidth of the main host of your website.
  • Cloage WordPress plugin is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. You can easily deliver files stored on cloage to your customers for sale through WooCommerce. On the other hand, by creating a secret and signed URL, Cloage fully protects your downloaded products against unauthorized usage.
  • The most important advantage of cloud storage space over download hosts and other hosting services is that your files are stored in the Cloage cloud infrastructure in at least three copies in various data centers, and not only for backup. You do not need your website files, but your files are always available to you and your website audience. When a huge amount of traffic is flowing to your site, as soon as resources are added, more servers become involved in hosting your files, and in an instant moment, hundreds and thousands of people can see your pictures and videos or even download your files and your main site will function without any problems!

Plugin Installations and connection to professional partitions on WordPress

In order to be able to save files in WordPress with the help of cloage, you must first install the WordPress plugin on your site. For this purpose, we will go through the installation and setup steps together once.

Like all plugins, go to the WordPress admin to install the cloage plugin and install it in the plugins path. After activating, an option called “Cloage” will be added to the WordPress main menu, which includes three sub-menus: settings, list of remote uploads and backup. We will examine each one separately.

Cloage WordPress plugin

To connect your WordPress to Cloage Object cloud storage in cloage, you must first click on the login/register option on the cloage website. You can read the complete cloage registration guide.

After registering, you must create a “Professional Partition”. Use the “Buy More Space” button to go to the partition creation section and create a professional partition. Read the complete guide to creating a professional partition.

In the Create Partition section, you will see three types of partitions: Personal, Professional and S3 Partition. Select a “Professional Partition” and in the next step determine the name and geographical location of the partition and add your billing and payment details in the last step.

Cloage Professional Partiton Selection

Payment for the Professional Partition is “Pay-as-you-go”, at the end of each month, you will be billed according to your usage.

After ordering the partition, you can define and set your own domain on the domain settings of the partitions assigned to you by Cloage, Then you need to connect your professional cloage partition to your site’s WordPress dashboard.

To link this partition to your website, you must obtain the partition access key.

Go to your Cloage partition and selection and click on the Professional Partition you want.

In the Partition Information section, go to the “Access Info” tab and click the “Get The Key” button. After getting the key, click on the copy icon to save the access key (token) to your clipboard.

Cloage Private Key

Then go to the general section of the WordPress plugin settings and copy the token in its place and click the save changes button.

Cloage Token

You can set your subdomain to a professional cloage partition so that links to your files are published on your own domain instead of the default cloage address. To do this, please read the subdomain setting guide on the partition.

Set up Cloage WordPress plugin to sell files with WooCommerce


Before using the Cloage WordPress plugin to sell files with WooCommerce, please consider the following two steps in the WooCommerce configuration:

  • In the main menu of WordPress> WooCommerce> Configuration> “Account and Privacy” tab, disable the ability to purchase users as guests. We recommend that the settings to be set like this:
  • In the same WooCommerce configuration section, in the Products tab in the Download Products section, do NOT have the File Download Method option on “Forced Downloads”. This must be observed if you set the help link type in the settings of the backup WordPress plugin to “Synchronized”.

After doing the above, you can return to the settings of the Cloage WordPress plugin and go through the rest of the steps.

In the settings section of the cloage plugin in the woocommerce tab, set the following:

  • In the Mirror type section, select the Synchronize option only if you want your downloaded product to be uploaded simultaneously to both the host and your cloage partition, and use your cloage service as a mirror link.
  • In the Mirror type section, select the “Only Cloage” option if you want your downloaded products to be uploaded only to your Cloage partition and do not take up any space on your site hosting service.

Note that by changing the Mirror type option after a while, the previous status download files may not be displayed in your client’s downloads section. From the beginning, make your decision on how to use the plugin to sell downloadable products.

  • In the “Activation time” section, enter the time when your hidden link will be active for the user in seconds. After this time, the download link will not be active in the orders section for the user.
  • In the Download link text section, you can select the title or text of the download key from the cloage cloud service.
  • When entering the download product in the product information section, when you select the virtual and download options, you will see the message and the x checkbox at the bottom of the page . When you normally select or upload your downloaded product from the media section of your site, after saving a copy of the file, it will be transferred to your cloage partition and its download link will be created next to the main link from your hosting service when ordering for the customer.
  • If you have selected the Only cloage option in the Mirror type help section, when you enter the downloaded product in the product information section, only the option to upload and display the files on your cloage partition will be displayed.
  • If you have already defined a downloadable product, you must redefine the files from the cloage in the products

Clicking on the file selection option will open the WordPress upload window to upload the file. After uploading in the same window, select the desired file.

If you have already uploaded the file in cloage, instead of the file selection key, you can copy the file ID in cloage and enter it in the ID section of the product definition.

After saving the changes and saving the draft or product release, use the x button to make sure the download link is correct.

Secret and Signed URLs

If you are using WooCommerce and the Cloage WordPress plugin to sell files, the download link that is automatically created for your users is hidden and has an expiration date. You define the expiration time of links in the settings of the cloage WordPress plugin in the WooCommerce tab in the Activity Time section in seconds. Therefore, after the purchase of the product by the user in the order section or in the downloads section, each time the user clicks on the download button, a special and hidden link will be created for the user, which the user can download only if he is logged in.

Save backups created with the Duplicator plugin in the cloud using the Cloage WordPress plugin

Cloage Cloud provides a great tool for backing up WordPress with Duplicator. By simultaneously installing the cloage WordPress plugin in the settings section, you can see the backup option. By filling out this section, the packages that you have created with the Duplicator plugin will be displayed for you, and by using the Upload to Cloage, you can easily transfer your desired package to the cloage cloud storage space.

If you only use Cloage to maintain backups, you can use the free cloage partition. The free cloage partition is available to you immediately after registering with Cloage and you have a 30-day trial and permanent space in which you can transfer Duplicator backups. You can also transfer support files that you create with your hosting control panel to a free partition using the cloage remote download tool.

If you want to use the advanced features of the Cloage plugin, simply create a professional partition in Cloage. Connect the professional partition to your WordPress dashboard using the Cloage plugin. In Professional Partition you have unlimited storage space, And the Cloage plugin allows you to save the media section and WooCommerce files to a professional partition.