How to sell video courses with WordPress without worrying about storage?

Sell Video Courses with WooCommerce

If you are looking to sell your online video courses on WordPress with WooCommerce as an e-commerce solution without paying extravagant fees for video hosting, this guide is for you.

The problem with other LMS and video course monetization platforms is that most of them do NOT offer a cloud storage solution for your media or videos, meaning that your videos will be uploaded directly to your website’s hosting which usually fills up your host’s Storage pretty fast (especially if your videos have great quality and are big in size) and if your videos get used often, your bandwidth will dry up soon too on your hosting provider.

Usually, the hosting costs are much higher than other Cloud storage solutions and this will hurt your business in the long run as your costs for storing and using your videos on your website will skyrocket.

Using public video storage solutions (Like Youtube, Vimeo or DailyMotion) for this will not be an option, as these videos will be available to the public and they don’t offer subscription-based or one-time purchase options for your video business.

Introducing Cloage’s WordPress plugin

Chances are that you make some killer training videos and you want to sell them on WordPress. If you’re running your website or app on WordPress + WooCommerce, Cloage has the perfect solution for you.

Cloage is an object storage solution for all the apps and websites that have a huge amount of data which is often referred to as “Unstructured data” that needs to be stored.

Hang on and see how you can easily sell your video courses without worrying about your hosting bills getting mega big. With Cloage, you can do it all for less than $10/TB of videos without paying any subscription fees for other utilities. So hang on and see how you can set it up easily and start selling your video content without worrying about storage costs.

A quick walkthrough of the terms you’ll see in this tutorial:


Partitions are the same thing as buckets on Amazon S3 and it refers to different storage organizers that are used in Cloage. Cloage offers 2 main partition types: Professional and S3.

For this use case, the Professional partition is the best choice for this and has been used in this tutorial.

Secret and Signed URLs

Signed URLs are the URLs that you can create for your files in partitions and can be accessed for a limited amount of time that you can define yourself ranging from one second to 7 days. You can create unlimited signed URLs for all your objects in Cloud Storage. You can always make all your links accessible to the public and vice versa via Cloage’s dashboard.

How to set up and use Cloage’s WordPress plugin:

For a video tutorial of how to setup your WooCommerce with Cloage, watch this video:

1- Install Cloage’s WordPress plugin:

You can get Cloage’s WordPress plugin from here. You can also get it by searching for Cloage in the “Add Plugin” section of your WordPress website.

2- Make some necessary changes to your WordPress and WooCommerce configurations:

  • In the main menu of WordPress> WooCommerce> Configuration> “Account and Privacy” tab, disable the ability to purchase as guests.
  • In the same WooCommerce configuration section, in the Products tab in the Download Products section, do NOT have the File Download Method option on “Forced Downloads”.

In the settings section of the Cloage plugin in the WooCommerce tab, set the following:

  • In the Mirror type section, select the Synchronize option only if you want your downloaded product to be uploaded simultaneously to both the host and your cloage partition, and use your cloage service as a mirror link. NOTE: This method however is not recommended as this will use your hosting space and is not a recommended solution.

3- Sign up for a free 30-day trial of Cloage:

  • Go to the signup page of Cloage, create a free 30-day trial account on it.
  • Create a professional partition in your dashboard
  • Get your access key from here and save it in a notepad

4- Setup your Cloage account in the WordPress admin dashboard

  • Put the access key you have acquired from the Cloage dashboard in this section.
  • Your setup is done!

What Happens next?

After you’re done with setting up Cloage’s WordPress Plugin, Anytime a user purchases your Video course on WooCommerce, a signed URL will be generated which the time allocated to it is customizable in Cloage’s WordPress plugin.

There are no limits to the amount of videos and video products you can have on your site and you will only be paying for the storage costs which is much more affordable than the similar alternatives such as LearnDash and MemberPress.

You can choose our pay-as-you-go plans if you don’t have an exact estimate of the amount of videos you have and how much space they will filll and how many hours they will be watched so that you can estimate your bandwidth usage.

Our pricing packages start from 500 GBs and are the perfect solution for those who know the total size of their videos and have a grasp of how much bandwidth they will be using.

Coming up on Cloage

Cloage is a newcomer on the commercial cloud storage solution, our team has been building cloud infrastructures for other business nad enterprises for the last 15 years and know their product when it comes to cloud storage.

You can also use our DRM (Digital Rights Management) tool to protect your content from being stolen or used illegally.

If you run or work in a business that uses Object Storage solutions, you can also check out our S3-Compatible partitions that are a hyperfast and affordable solution for companies using services like Google Cloud, Azure blob storage or Amazon S3 at a much more affordable rate with prepaid packages to cut your cloud bills and have predictability in your cloud costs.