How much VAT do I need to pay?

Our net prices are the same for all customers. The rate of Value Added Tax (VAT) to be charged is determined by your country of residence as follows:


Clients based inland will be charged 19% VAT.

EU Member State countries with valid VAT ID

Customers in EU Member States who can produce a valid VAT ID, will receive their invoice according to the “Reverse-Charge” procedure, without German tax.

The VAT ID can be checked here:

EU Member State countries without valid VAT ID

From 2015, due to a change in EU legislation, customers from EU Member States are charged the VAT rate of their respective country of origin, as listed below:

CountryTax rate in %Starting on
Austria20.001 January 2015
Belgium21.001 January 2015
Bulgaria20.001 January 2015
Cyprus19.001 January 2015
Croatia25.001 January 2015
Czech Republic21.001 January 2015
Denmark25.001 January 2015
Estonia20.001 January 2015
Finland24.001 January 2015
France20.001 January 2015
Greece24.001 January 2015
Hungary27.001 January 2015
Ireland21.001 September 2020
Italy22.001 January 2015
Latvia21.001 January 2015
Lithuania21.001 January 2015
Luxembourg17.001 January 2015
Malta18.001 January 2015
The Netherlands21.001 January 2015
Poland23.001 January 2015
Portugal23.001 January 2015
Romania19.001 January 2015
Slovakia20.001 January 2015
Slovenia22.001 January 2015
Spain21.001 January 2015
Sweden25.001 January 2015

Further information on MOSS (Mini One Stop Shop) can be found at:

Countries outside the EU

CountryTax rate in %Starting on
Australia10.001 January 2021
Republic of Belarus20.001 June 2018
Republic of Singapore7.001 January 2020
Russia20.001 January 2019
South Africa15.001 January 2021
Switzerland7.701 January 2018
United Kingdom20.001 January 2015

More information on Belarusian tax can be found here:

More information on Russian tax can be found here:

All other countries outside the EU

Customers from these countries will receive their invoice without VAT.