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Learn more about Cloage Cloud Service and our Platform and the most frequently asked questions. If you have more questions regarding our platform, don’t hesitate to contact us info [at] or submit a ticket via Cloage’s dashboard

  • When I use Cloage to upload a file , instead of one file, I get multiple files with different sizes on my partition. Why is that?

    This is one of the properties and functions of WordPress, that after uploading images, it automatically creates different sizes to use in different parts of WordPress, this function is called thumbnails.

  • WP-offload or Cloage? Which one would be the best for my wordpress website?

    The Cloage WordPress plugin is used to connect a professional partition to a WordPress website. After connecting, your files and data in the WordPress media section, WooCommerce product media and their backup files created by Duplicator will be added and saved in the professional partition on Cloage.

    The WP Offload Media is for connecting the S3 partitions of Cloage to the WordPress website After installation. With one click, you can transfer all media files to your S3 partition. WooCommerce files and the EDD file store are also easily stored on the S3 partition. This plugin is compatible with plugins such as Smush Image, Divi Builder, WPML and more.

     Wp offload media is a great choice if you have and operate a  large and high-traffic WordPress website.

  • How can I connect Cloage to my WordPress website?

    With Cloage’s WordPress Plugin. You can get it from WordPress Repository by searching for Cloage, or you can get it from here.

  • How can I create a direct download link?

    In a professional partition, after uploading the file, just make it public so that the link mark appears in front of the file. Clicking on the link icon will save the direct link of the file to your clipboard.


    On the S3 partition, by setting the policy for the bucket, you can generalize the files in a bucket and get the link to the files in the MinIO panel manually or using the MinIO client.

  • How can I display the videos I have uploaded on Cloage on my website?

    For this you need to create a professional partition or S3 partition (it is better to set your subdomain on the partition). Then just upload the video files to the Cloage partition, make the file public and place the video link on the page using the <video> tag on the desired page. If you have a WordPress website, you can upload your video from the WordPress media section in the Cloage and place it on your WordPress website using the official WordPress plugin for the professional partition and using the “wp offload media” plugin for the S3 partition.

  • How can I disable all my public links and change them to personal?

    You can make your partitions personal and public simply by going to the “settings” section of your partition and make your partition completely public to those with a link to it.

  • How can I remove a partition?

    Click on a partition you want to delete or remove, scroll down to the bottom of the “Settings” section and delete the partition.

    NOTE: If you delete this partition, you can NOT restore it.

  • How much VAT do I need to pay?

    Our net prices are the same for all customers. The rate of Value Added Tax (VAT) to be charged is determined by your country of residence as follows:


    Clients based inland will be charged 19% VAT.

    EU Member State countries with valid VAT ID

    Customers in EU Member States who can produce a valid VAT ID, will receive their invoice according to the “Reverse-Charge” procedure, without German tax.

    The VAT ID can be checked here:

    EU Member State countries without valid VAT ID

    From 2015, due to a change in EU legislation, customers from EU Member States are charged the VAT rate of their respective country of origin, as listed below:

    CountryTax rate in %Starting on
    Austria20.001 January 2015
    Belgium21.001 January 2015
    Bulgaria20.001 January 2015
    Cyprus19.001 January 2015
    Croatia25.001 January 2015
    Czech Republic21.001 January 2015
    Denmark25.001 January 2015
    Estonia20.001 January 2015
    Finland24.001 January 2015
    France20.001 January 2015
    Greece24.001 January 2015
    Hungary27.001 January 2015
    Ireland21.001 September 2020
    Italy22.001 January 2015
    Latvia21.001 January 2015
    Lithuania21.001 January 2015
    Luxembourg17.001 January 2015
    Malta18.001 January 2015
    The Netherlands21.001 January 2015
    Poland23.001 January 2015
    Portugal23.001 January 2015
    Romania19.001 January 2015
    Slovakia20.001 January 2015
    Slovenia22.001 January 2015
    Spain21.001 January 2015
    Sweden25.001 January 2015

    Further information on MOSS (Mini One Stop Shop) can be found at:

    Countries outside the EU

    CountryTax rate in %Starting on
    Australia10.001 January 2021
    Republic of Belarus20.001 June 2018
    Republic of Singapore7.001 January 2020
    Russia20.001 January 2019
    South Africa15.001 January 2021
    Switzerland7.701 January 2018
    United Kingdom20.001 January 2015

    More information on Belarusian tax can be found here:

    More information on Russian tax can be found here:

    All other countries outside the EU

    Customers from these countries will receive their invoice without VAT.

  • How can I update or manage my billing and payment info?

    Go to your dashboard, select the account tab, and update your billing and payment info. You can always reach out to us about your billing questions via

  • I have a professional or S3 partition, how can I get more storage space?

    There is no limit about your storage on Professional and S3 Partitions. You are billed at the end of the month based on your usage and you can use any amount of storage you want.

    If you are worried about your cloud billings getting out of hand, you can also select one of our prepaid packages.

  • I loved the 30-day trial, How can I upgrade it?

    If you want to get more space on your partitions, you can just navigate to your dashboard on Cloage and get more space selecting one of our options. 

    – You can choose a prepaid package that gives you a specified space and is great for those who are worried about their cloud bills getting out of hand

    – You can also choose our pay-as-you-go packages if you don’t have a clear forecast of how much space you will use


    You will be billed at the start of the month for the prepaid packages and you can cancel anytime (without any data retention policy)

    You will be billed for the usage-based packages at the end of your cycle and based on your usage.

  • Would I need to use an FTP client such as Filezilla to upload my files?

    No, Cloage’s file manager in the dashboard does the job of managing, organizing and categorizing the files for you, and you can simply upload data from the dashboard or using the backup cli and API. So you do not need to use the FTP protocol to upload or manage your files.

  • If I add my website’s media on Cloage cloud, will it increase my website’s load time?

    Yes, you will get better load times! due to the replica storages of your data on multiple servers, files will always be available, even with a sudden increase in traffic to your site. Service from different servers prevents slowdowns and increases your audience.

  • How can I move my files to Cloage?

    You can transfer your files through the Cloage dashboard, remote upload and backup CLI. For the S3 partition, you can also upload your files to the Cloage cloud using the S3 partition client and prebuilt tools and softwares.

    If your data is on another file hosting service or host, the Cloage team can help you with the transfer.

  • If I store my data in your cloud, will that affect my domain’s SEO efforts?

    Not at all! with Claoge’s cloud services, worries about the bandwidth consumed by the main host and responding to high traffic are eliminated. High loading speed and availability of site content improves your website’s SEO.

    Also, by setting the domain on the Cloage, your content will be indexed with your main domain in Google, which will definitely have a good effect on the domain ranking and attracting users to your website.

  • Can I publish URLs to my files with my own domain?

    Yes, it is possible to set your own domain on the professional partition and the S3 partition.

    To do this, create a Cname record for your domain or subdomain (Like on your DNS service and define its value as follows: for professional partitions for S3 partition with the European location

    Then enter your desired subdomain in the partition settings section of the backup dashboard.

  • Why should I use Cloage’s cloud services instead of a file hosting service?

    The Cloage cloud space is implemented on an Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, which is an interconnected set of infinite servers in various data centers inside and outside Europe.

    Your files are stored by advanced algorithms on various servers and data centers, and there are always several copies of your files in the backup cloud infrastructure.

    Also for Professional Partition and S3 Partition, dedicated WordPress plugins have been developed to easily connect your WordPress site to the cloud. These plugins are also compatible with WooCommerce, EDD and most other WordPress plugins.

    You can also use the dedicated backup API  and S3-compliant tools on the S3 backup partition to customize file storage and sharing processes.

  • Can I use Cloage’s cloud services as a host for a download or a way to see your digital goods online?

    Absolutely! Our professional and S3 partitions are a perfect solution for this. 

    Whether you are using WooCommerce or your own platform, Cloage has all the necessary tools to boost its preformance.

  • What is the difference between professional and S3 partitions?

    Professional and S3 partitions are both great choices for your website and business.

    Professional Partition allows you to make your files public on your website or application and you can set your own domain on it, but to upload your files and data, you only can only use Cloage’s dashboard or via Cloage’s Cli.

    You can not personalize your upload and backup processes or your own programming languages.

    The S3 partition has the same structure as standard web object storage services. All the same tools which are available in Cloud storage such as the Amazon S3, Digital Ocean or Google Cloud can be found in Cloage’s cloud services too. 

    You can customize the storage processes on your website or business using a dedicated Cloage API and the Minio client.

    All the awesome features such as DRM, Video encoding, etc. is only accessible to our S3 compatible users.

  • Which Cloage service is the best for me?

    Cloage services are made to be used by anyone.

    Our professional and S3 partitions are one of the highest performing storage spaces for SMBs and even enterprises, the pricing is designed to be billed according to your usage and is a lot more affordable than similar products such as Amazon, BlackBlaze, Digital Ocean and more!

    Our Professional Partitions are a great choice for e-commerce owners, WordPress sites (With a plugin), Data hoarders and more. If you want to use the pro partitions, you can start with our 30-day free trial to get a sense of how the platform works. You can also choose one of our prepaid packages which starts at 500 GBs up to 10 TBs which is a great choice for those who are looking for a specified storage capacity.

    Our S3 partitions are great for the SaaS owners, Previous Amazon S3 users and all the other users who are looking for a storage that is compatible with Amazon S3 API. It offers more complex ways to connect to your object storage too.

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